Things You Need To Know Before Studying In Medical Field

 Medicine is one of the biggest fields of study in the world. Other than being a physician, psychiatrist or radiologist that requires you to work in the hospital, there are also things such as medicine engineer. You can work in research organizations, government agencies or even with manufacturers to help the development of the medical industry.

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But before getting attached to medicine, there are several things that you need to know to give you a deeper understanding of the medical field itself.

1.       Cost

Learning medicine is actually considered a privilege to certain people. Before considering medical courses, make sure you know the cost you will have to take. Fees, living cost and time are the main things that you have to consider. Fees for medical courses can get up to RM130,000 per year depending on your course. Search for any government or private organisations that offer scholarships for medical students. It helps a lot. Living cost depends on how you choose to live at any particular place. You will save more by staying in the hostels for the first year. Learning in the medical field will take a lot of your time because of the various topics that you will have to learn. It includes your practical learning as well.

2.       Learning path and the period

Since medicine is a large field, you will have to know what you are interested in. There are various paths that you can choose. Dentist, surgeon, neurologist, dietician, orthopaedic, anaesthetist and a lot more you can explore. Different specialisms require different learning and training periods. It can take up to 7 years of learning and certain people consider that as time consuming. So, before considering any medical courses make sure you are aware of these issues.

3.       Best universities for medical courses

Not saying that any university you choose is not good but there will always be the best university for each course. Some universities are good for engineering courses, others are good for language courses and there are also best universities for medical courses. The ‘best’ here includes the facilities, learning methods and environment as those are the things that will help you to get through your years of learning and training. You will find a list of universities that offer  MBBS in Malaysia.

4.       Know your specialism and future career

As we know, the medical sector is so huge that you can find so many job opportunities upon graduation. It is not really necessary for you to know the exact thing that you want to do later because you will explore more interesting things during your study years. But it helps you to set your goals and to make sure you can be mentally, emotionally and physically prepared for the long journey before getting into the working life. Other than being a specialist, you can also be a medical assistant, medical advisor, pharmaceutical researcher and many other options.

Being in a medical field doesn’t mean that you will have to only serve the people by working in the hospital. You can also write books, join the political world or even start a tv show related to health care. Be creative and make your decision!

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