Fruits Myth

There are a lot of myths when it comes to consuming fruits. This misconception was primarily because of the spread of chain posts on social media and websites without a proper understanding of them. Some of us are guilty of indulging in these common myths. 

These are some of the common myths that we have experienced:  

It Is Healthier To Consume Fruits In An Empty Stomach

The belief goes that consuming fruits during or after meals will slow our digestion by making food to be stored longer in our stomach, causing the food to either ferment or decay in it. Although it is found that fruits’ fibre delays the passage of food through our stomach, however, our stomach is distinctively built to inhibit bacteria development that causes fermentation and decay. 

Fruits Should Not Be Consumed Before Going to Bed

Some argue that consuming fruits before going to bed raises blood sugar levels. They believe that this is because our body does not have enough time to maintain our blood sugar level before sleeping, causing us to gain weight. This is false since we need calories to keep our body functioning. In addition, there is no proof that eating fruits at a specific time of the day affects our body weight.

Fruits Are Best When It Is Fresh

There is no such rule that fresh fruits are better than dried or juiced. This is because fruits in any form are still filled with necessary nutrients. No matter what form you consume them, as long as you consume them, you still get the needed nutrients. 

Diabetics Should Not Consume Fruits

Fruits, contrary to popular opinion, do not significantly elevate blood glucose levels because of their low to medium glycemic indices. As a matter of fact, because fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, and fibre, they can help you to control your diabetes. It is a frequent misconception that if you have diabetes, you should not consume certain foods because of their sweetness.

Eating Oranges Are The Only Way To Get Vitamin C 

If you have a cold, eating an orange is a common practice due to the contents of vitamin C in them. On the other hand, there are lots of other fruits that have a higher content of vitamin C in them such as mango, blackcurrants or strawberry. If you are out of oranges, you can always grab any of these fruits the next time you are down with a cold. 

Fruits Are Expensive 

This is one of the most well-known myths about fruits. There are beliefs that healthy foods are expensive and not many can afford them. But there are plenty of places where we can buy fruits at an affordable price range and get them delivered to our place. We can purchase them for a cheaper price within our budget at fruit delivery online Malaysia. 

Next time you hear any of these myths, be ready to educate the person on the truth about it.

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