Various Types of Body Language

There are a lot of types of body language. Each type will work in different situations depending on the situation that an individual is in. even within the gambling business and in each gambling game, there will be times where body language is crucial. Not to mention that if you know how to control and read those body language, you might be the one taking the win. Some professional gamblers would learn how to control their body language which leads to them becoming a pro. In this article, you would be introduced to some body language that you would be able to recognize within the gambling game. 


  1. Eyes


Rationally, the first thing to consider is eye contact. Everything in the eyes correlates with a real, gentle, straight look. It breaks the borders and links the two people in creating confidence and building trust. No one who speaks the truth would hesitate to stare you right in the eyes. Yet beware of the straight look that lasts too long. This could be a sign that they are playing mind games with you. 


Another point is that if a person looks away, or for example blinks too much, there is a good chance that he or she is not telling the truth.


On the other hand, the eyes are just as important as the other body language for gamblers. However for them, they make it seem and manipulate people into thinking what they want them to think. Gambling for them is a source of their pleasure, their happiness. Which sometimes can be seen as they increasingly feel excited in their pupils when they widen and get bigger. 


A gambler would be much satisfied if they are able to play with their opponents making them feel that they are winning. That will actually leave them feeling they are able to twist the opponents and for them sends the adrenaline to them which causes the pupils to widen. 


  1. Mouth 


While playing a gambling game, the mouth too would also give out signals or body language. With the mouth there are only things that you should or would want to observe. The first one would be nervous lips. To know that the opponent is feeling nervous, their mouth would possibly be in a tight state. When it is round and nicely shaped, it means that he or she is feeling calm and confident with their hand. 


Another one is the sudden twitches that even ourselves would not know that we are doing so. The twitches are natural gestures that would always go unseen by the individual themselves. 


    2. Heartbeat


This one body language is very hard to spot. It is not really visible for anyone because the heart is inside the body. However if you are able to look close enough you can see beating from a thin layered shirt. Other than that, it is also noticeable by looking at the veins. Just look at some veins that tend to pop out during intense gambling rounds. Moreover, you could also read it by hearing the voice of the opponents. If they went from a calm voice to quivering in a very slow tone. That could also indicate that he or she is hiding something. 


Think of the type of situations that will unintentionally excite you as a player. Usually it is not when holding a dull hand of cards. Usually we’ll either hit huge or dream of running a big bluff. We ‘re going to start learning about what that means to various opponents.




Initially, we might think to look at whether the hands of our opponent are trembling or not. That decision is undoubtedly a good idea, but in the heartbeat section we have already covered this.


The hands can forward information in a variety of other ways. For one is how they handle the playing chips. It is worth looking at how our opponent, by default, puts chips into the pot. Will he gracefully slip them in, or violently drive them in? Is he ever splashing the pot, be it purposely or not? Often players make their bets subconsciously (or consciously), in different ways. Shoving the chips violently and spilling some of the chips could be read as the technique used to intimidate opponents. 


Sportsbook Malaysia can teach you how to control and read body languages. 

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