Top Traditional Errors To Evade Before And After App Official release

In 2018, 194 billion mobile app downloads were made from the appstore.

The advancement of apps can be a profitable industry for builders and mobile app developers across the world and Dubai, UAE, is no distinct. In reality there is a huge potential for any company to make it big in the aftermath of World Expo 2020.

So, you can have a head-start here, whether you’re a startup looking to make a milestone here or a giant firm. But if you understand the app development system upside down, you can only turn this chance into a success.

While there are many mistakes a novice company or a developer can make, let me offer you 5 of those mistakes which can make your life miserable as a developer. So, you better need to avoid them at all costs for a successful future ahead.

Mistakes To Avoid: Before Your App Is Launched

In the development phase i.e. pre-launch opportunities, we would like to describe two aspects here, which can act as a roadblock for all the developers and can make their customers very much annoyed.

So, we will describe these two mistakes here that are equally important for the mobile app developer to know and also for the management of a company which is looking for an app:

1. Choose The Right Platform

If you think selecting the right platform isn’t a big issue, think again. If you are recruiting a developer to create an app for you, selecting a platform would be easier. Together with a few others, iOS and Android are the two most successful platforms that don’t even have 4-5 per cent market share combined.

Android has more than 85 per cent of market share, and that’s why a lot of businesses are going for it. You will have to bear the cost if you want to go for both platforms because obviously any developer would charge you accordingly.

There are cases where a company wants to target iPhone users as they want to create an app that uses such an app to target a particular individual, a group or organization, etc. And, if you have come to that conclusion, you can go to iOS alone too.

If you’re doing some market research, you’ll find that iOS applications are also competitive, as most of them are not free. Either way, you have to agree on this before you employ any dubai mobile app development business, so that you can tell them right away exactly what you want, for example, an outstanding user experience.

2. Limited beta testing or no beta testing

Limited beta testing isn’t just about finding bugs in an app. It’s all about ensuring an app can be taken care of honestly so it can have the kind of impact on the users the company is thinking about.

Simply put, it’s an independent review of a software / app / product that takes place in the final stages of development. In the case of an app, the main task for developers is to find the right group of end-users to check the almost full product, which is why beta testing is always a wise choice for a mobile app

Another choice you can go for is the public beta launch, but the results could come very late. So if you’re looking for a quick response, beta testing from a group of users is going to be helpful. But at times it can be difficult to reach these consumers. That’s where the App developers ‘ experience comes into play.

Mistakes To avoid: After the launch of your app

Once the app is released, there are three other things that we would like to discuss here with our readers, as they are also very relevant for the eventual success of the product. The popular launch pitfalls for a mobile app are as follows:

Another option you can go for is the public beta launch, but the results might come quite late. So, beta testing by a group of users is helpful if you are looking for a quick reaction. But sometimes it can be hard to reach such users.

That’s where the App developers ‘ experience comes into play.

1. Determine What’s the Best

This is where you need to know how users react to and use your app for the first few times. For best results, you’ll need good analysis here as you’ll know what features users pay attention to and really like them and what features they dislike.

If your app is fully functional and meets users ‘ expectations, you can also receive a reply. Once you are through this process, you’ll find it easy to check exactly what you need to excel in.

The overall application efficiency is one thing you need to keep an eye on, as a business owner. This is also important for developers so that all their hard work can pay off well. A small error, flaw or roadblock can be the end of the story for an app here as practically any user can find the blemish in your app and if that error continues for a long time, they simply won’t be using your app. You must therefore constantly check for errors and bugs that may have slipped in

2. The App Store Optimization (ASO)

The App Store Optimization (ASO) is important, to say the least, to ensure the performance of an app. And the best part is that it will not make a hole, as the mechanism is somewhat close to the SEO on the website.

The keywords for your app are often modified to keep the search results up when an individual searches for an app that is close to what you’ve created.

ASO enables you to respond to changes in the Google Play or App Store results rankings of apps.

3. Ignoring feedback

You will think about the reasons required to enter an item. You don’t have enough support from the users if you ignore reviews and constructive criticism of your app as it is a non-professional company not thinking about its users.

To ensure that you are open to both criticism and praise, you have to respond to positive as well as negative reviews.

4. Customer service below average

If in case of a question or if you don’t pay attention to their feedback, you’ll definitely not many people will want to use your app if you give your customers below the average customer service. Remember the position of your app developer is extremely important and you need to take this into consideration for every success in all of the aspects listed in this blog.

Finally, please do not be shy because you can use the comment section below for any questions you may have, or you may want to give your valuable feedback on this post. We hope this article will clarify that you should avoid errors at all costs with the launch of the mobile app.

You can even opt for mobile app marketing strategies to improve customer acquisition and increase app awareness to make your mobile app a success. If you have questions about the above data, please leave a comment in the following section.