Malaysian most-loved pizza flavors

Pizza is one of the most popular options for fast food. Since its humble beginning in Italy, pizza has gone through plentiful changes to become the dish that so many people fall in love with. It is the most consumed food item after the burger across the globe. Moreover, pizza managed to be produced in astounding amount of variations depending of the area or the country where it is used. Here are famed flavors of Pizza, which are the most-loved and preferred by Malaysian:

  1. Pepperoni pizza

One of the most popular flavors of pizza in the world goes to Pepperoni Pizza! This is Americans favorite flavor as well. The pepperoni is a spicy food, an Italian- American variety of salami, usually made from beef. These are mostly chopped ham cut in a ring-shaped thin pieces and landed on the pizza to form the topping. This pizza with pepperoni is then topped with a lavish load of cheese. Pepperoni pizzas are popular all over the world and really a tasty flavor of pizza.

  1. Double cheese pizza

This is a very wanted vegetarian pizza, which has a double-thick layer of cheese. The double cheese pizza is in demand because of fans of cheese in this world are so many. It is indeed one of the great and delectable pizzas among the vegetarian flavors. Apart from that, these plain pizzas loaded with oodles of supplementary cheese which makes it appetizing and most lip smacking!

  1. Veggies pizza

This is another distinctive recipe of pizza’s which mane is influenced by the vegetarian people. The ultimate veggie pizza that packed with flavor, sun-dried tomatoes add a contemporary level to any kind of pizza. Pair with like-minded topping such as olives, feta cheese, spinach, crunchy onions, crispy capsicum and mushrooms. Sprinkling of the exotic Italian herbs tend to work best on this pizza. Hence, it’s yummy taste and really appetizing among the vegetarian list of pizzas

  1. Aloha barbecue chicken pizza

Pizza is definitely a tongue smacking food and perfect food to celebrate in any occasion. Here, another pizza which is made of Barbecue chicken. In this pizza, barbecue chicken forms the main toppings of the pizza. The barbecue chicken is then sprinkled with toppings of teeny slices of pineapple, which is an absolute delight to have. This pizza then stuffed with fancy mozzarella cheese and thus the menu looks like extra tacky with chicken rolls, chicken salami and topped with the thousand island sauce. This is a very tasty flavor which you can leave you with mouth-watering experience




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