How to Effectively Breastfeed Your Baby?

Breastfeeding is an important part of a woman’s life. In fact, it is recommended for women to breastfeed their babies with their own milk because it contains a lot of nutrients that are quite beneficial in their child’s bodies.

That being said, even though breastfeeding makes sense, it doesn’t mean that all women can create their own milk and some of them might not even have enough supply to last for a couple of months.

There are some that are okay with directly feeding milk to their babies from their breasts, but the sensation is not something that a lot of women like. That is why for some, using a baby milk bottle is necessary.

This article covers all of the information that you need to breastfeed your baby more effectively.

How to Get Started with Breastfeeding

As a mother of a baby, you have the chance to start breastfeeding when you are still in the hospital. If you do not know how to start it, you can have a lactation consultant guide you through the process.

Now, you have to know that your baby might not suck the breastmilk out of your nipple by default. They have to be in a certain position known as the “latch” in order for them to start the process. Getting into this position may require some trial and error as some babies have a position of their own (like a preference).

How to Hold Your Baby While Nursing?

There are so many options that you can try to nurse your baby, but again, this process requires trial and error because your baby might have a certain preference before they are comfortable enough to suck the breastmilk out.

Here are some simple ways to cradle your baby:

  • Football Hold- This position is perfect for women who’ve had a C-section. Place your baby just beside your face up and then lengthwise. Guide their head to your breast slowly until get comfortable enough to suck on the nipple
  • Cradle Hold- Think of holding your baby as you would if you would put him in the cradle, that is pretty much the idea of this particular nursing hold. You use your one hand to support their head and the other one to support their bottom.
  • Lying-Down- Lay your baby next to you in bed. Your baby will be put on your right side while their head is on their left. Their mouth should just be within the level of your nipple (or slightly lower, depending on the comfort level). Using your other hand, adjust the baby’s mouth as you see fit.

How to Coax Your Baby to Latch?

A lactation consultant would always say to first-time mothers that their babies need to do the latch because it is crucial for breastfeeding (especially when it is done the first time). Here are some tips to help you do it:

  • Make your baby face you directly and let their belly touch yours. To help support their bodies, put a pillow to help prop up the baby (only do this when necessary). Hold them up to your breast- making sure that you do not lean towards them.
  • Place both your fingers and thumb around your areola.
  • Tilt your baby’s head back ever so slightly and then coax them to suck at your nipple by tickling their lips with it. Do this until their mouths open up wide.
  • To help them latch on to the nipple, place their lower jaw onto it first or just under the nipple to induce the sucking effect.
  • Then, you tilt their head forward- making sure that their upper jaw is deeply on your breast. Ensure that your baby takes about 1 ½ inch of the areola into their mouths.