How the Automation Industry is Improving Our Lives

As we slowly reach the second half of 2020, it can be seen that automation is a part of almost every industry, from assembly to packaging and all in between. Not only does it influence our work, but it also affects our perceptions on everyday life things. Here are 5 ways how the automation industry is improving our lives. 

1. Better Work Environment 

It is our common knowledge that technology often gets a bad reputation for taking the places of those from the low-skilled work groups. This results in technology slowly being brought into the workplace more and more. While some might view them in a negative light, we should take into account that these devices are the ones that will take on repetitive and risky activities – including life and death ones. By making them do those tasks instead, this will help in avoiding accidents from happening at the workplace. 

2. Boosting Productivity

When it comes to automation, it does not necessarily mean that you will have robots and all these mechanicals as your company. It is similar to making tasks to be automated by applying them into a certain algorithm. Human supervision is then not required as everything is done by the technology instead of manually. Workers will have much more free time and can spend it by focusing on other matters than just attending to the crucial ones. 

3. Rescuing Lives at The Hospital 

With the pandemic that has been taking over the world for the past few months, the automation industry has helped the healthcare sector tremendously. Automated robots are now taking over the place of doctors and nurses in giving medical assistance to the patients instead. Even a simple elevator that is used by the patients and healthcare workers to travel between one floor to another, has contributed a lot by just making it easier for them to move around. Especially those that are in emergency, these technologies help in saving their lives. 

4. No More Doing, Start Thinking 

For the last few decades, we have been told to ‘do’ something, follow orders, make something until it works and never to question it. Regardless of what your profession is, you will most likely have encountered such events at least once. Automation is switching our mindset from ‘doing’ something to ‘thinking’ of something. Creating new ideas are becoming a trend nowadays, whether it be original or an improvement of an idea, it is what most people are looking for. However, it would be much better if those two are combined together, thinking of something while making it work. 

5. Human Labour Is More Valuable

If there is one thing that automation is increasing, it is the benefit of human labour. We can get a lot of our daily needs just by utilising a lot of these machines such as checking out your groceries at the self-checkout counter, buying pre-packaged meals for your dinner and drinking coffee from those coffee machines. However, everything will be so similar that you eventually get tired of it. Humans provide this sense of uniqueness in the things that they do or made, even the interactions seem more genuine than those that are handled by machines. Yes, technologies may give us the same service as the ones that are provided from humans, but it will never give you the same relationship as one would interact with a person.