Five Web Design Trends To Kick Off 2019

Are you a running your own business? Then, you should make the most out of your digital marketing strategy and mobile web development. Don’t forget that your website is the crown jewel of your online marketing efforts, so take advantage of it in every way.

Websites are always open, and can represent you when you can’t be there physically. But, do you think your company website is doing its job? Below are 5 trends you should focus on for a more effective web design strategy.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Websites are typically designed on grids, to establish visually pleasing and balanced layouts. However, this coming 2019, expect those grids to be pushed aside. Websites will be made in an asymmetrical manner, and more and more developers will exercise their creative freedom.

Mobile Elegance

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This 2019, the website designers would focus even more on mobile-friendly designs. Many brands will prioritize usability efforts and mobile designs. Expect to see more intuitive and fluid experiences, and more elegant and sophisticated solutions. Many intuitive websites convert better, so businesses will settle for this movement.


Animation will be a key website component this 2019. A short, yet captivating animation feature can bring a brand’s unique story to life effectively. It can communicate complicated messages easily and in various ways. If you want to present your brand’s story in a dynamic, brilliant way, settle for animation tactic.


Parenting Typography by GDJ
Many business owners and developers will settle for animation, while others would favor unique typography. If you are planning to develop your own website in the coming months, make sure to incorporate fonts with more personality. Gone are the days of Arial and Times New Roman. At this day and age, fonts are visual components of their own.

Bold Colors

2019 is the year of bold and contrasting colors. The trend of combining multiple colors that don’t appear to be compatible will continue to strengthen as the year progresses. Efficient tools such as Khroma are helping website designers come up with adventurous color combinations.

These unconventional color choices prove to the world that colors can create incredible emotional impact, and are crucial in telling a brand’s unique story.