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    Important Things to Consider When Buying a Ladies Watch

    1. Bracelet or Strap? Women’s watches use various types of bracelets and straps. Some are stainless steel, others are made of gold, or a mixture of platinum and gold. Well, bracelets are the norm of formal watches, as well as the preferred option for many fashion watches. To know...

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    Important Tips for Buying an Investment Watch

    Are there men’s watches in Malaysia for investments? When it comes to investments, there are a lot of ways to invest your money. By starting a business, investing in an investment schemes, or in a bank, house and lot, and even jewelries. How about to invest a watch? Can...

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    How to Design Watches That Everyone Wants?

    Existing in the very good quality universe of watches it is anything but difficult to secure a touch of an ivory tower disorder. Strolling past lines of “ordinary” watches in showcase cases at retail chains or shopping center gem dealers, I will, in general, discover little of individual intrigue....

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