8 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rate in 2019

So you want to delve in e-commerce and you want to earn as much money as possible using an online medium. Well, you can definitely build your own website and showcase your products there, but there is more to it than just that.

Not only do you have to make sure that you drive as much traffic to your website as possible, but you will also have to make sure that you have a pretty good conversion rate as well.

How can you do that? Well, read on to find out some nifty ways.

Find the Right Approach to Your CTA

Every online shop should have a call to action button. There are two ways to implement this. You can either put it on the landing page or you can have your prospects scroll down to the bottom of the page before they decide to do something.

What you want to do is implement the first option if you want your customers to know exactly what to do next.

However, if you have a message and have a pretty convincing and persuasive sales copy, then I suggest that you put them at the bottom of the page.

Use Optimization Tools

There are actually a ton of tools that you can use to help improve your conversion rate. Some of them are:

  • Google Analytics- provides you with some key metrics that can help you improve your website
  • CrazyEgg- lets you know where people go to whenever they visit your website
  • MixPanel- a powerful analytics tool that gives you things that can help improve your media/entertainment, as well as financial services
  • Google PageSpeed Insights- an invaluable tool that lets you know how fast or slow your website loads
  • Google Forms- if you want to implement a survey module on your site, this is the tool to use.

Highlight Some Social Proof

Social proof is something that will always entice your customers. Some examples of this are customer testimonials, expert reviews, and celebrity endorsements.

By placing and highlighting social proof in various areas of your website, it will instantly tell your prospects to make the purchase because your website will then be deemed as trustworthy.

Simplify Your Forms

No one turns your customers off from purchasing on your store than confusing and obtrusive forms. If you provide them with a clear intent and your sales copy doesn’t have technical jargon, then that would be great.

Provide Free Shipping

With so many stores out there, one way to really stand out above the rest is to provide free shipping. If Amazon, considered to be the biggest online store in the world, provides free shipping to customers, then why wouldn’t you?

Prevent Cart Abandonment

Upon checking your website’s statistics, you may find that people are actually shopping and filling in their virtual carts but ultimately do not go through with the purchase. What gives?

Well, they may have plenty of reasons, but there is one thing that you can do- use cart abandonment software.

Basically, this program streamlines the entire process of enticing your users to complete the sale. This is usually done by prompting your customers to put their email in and in the event that they abandon their carts, an email will be sent to them- convincing them to go back and make the sale.

No Sign Up

There are some people that just want to buy stuff online without going through the hassle of signing up to the service.

Although it is a good thing to build your email and subscriber list, providing your customers with a much easier checkout process is certainly something that is above that.

By allowing your customers to checkout as “guests”, meaning, they do not have to sign up for an account, then you can expect your conversion rate to increase in no time.

Simplify Your Design

Although we want to be as creative as possible, do so in a way that doesn’t clutter the interface of your store. If people were to come across an online store with a very convoluted design, then you can bet that they will leave without a second thought.