8 Awesome Facts About Your Baby

Are you expecting a baby? If so, you may have read quite a lot of information about them, more specifically about how to properly take care of them and meet their needs.

Sure, installing a baby car seat is mandatory and so is changing diapers about 6-8 times a day, but there are actually a lot of awesome facts about your baby that you might not know about.

Today, I am going to talk about some interesting facts about your newborns and young babies, in particular.

They Know About Basic Math and Physics

Just when you think your baby doesn’t know anything, that is just a mistaken notion.

According to psychological studies conducted in America, babies can actually tell the difference between some objects. Heck, they even know if you took one or two pieces off of the original set!

They Can Recognize Your Voice Even Before They’re Born

Once your baby is 23 weeks old in your womb (or roughly 5 months), your baby starts to hear your voice. When they are born, they will instantly recognize your voice as a result. That is why parents are encouraged to talk to their babies even before delivery.

You Will Recognize Your Baby When They Cry

Mothers have a special bond with their baby more than fathers do, especially early on in their life. In fact, you can even recognize your baby when they cry even if they are in a nursery room with other babies as well.

They Know How You Feel

Babies are especially perceptive and they even know how you’re feeling just based on your tone of voice. If you are angry, sad, happy, or frustrated and you try to talk to your baby, they will instantly know your emotion at that specific time.

They Have a Good Sense of Hearing

Did you know that your baby actually knows where the sound is coming from just 10 minutes after birth? That’s right, it only takes that long for them to discern where a certain sound is coming from.

Look for Body Cues

Your baby has actually developed a number of different coping mechanisms, especially against certain weather conditions.

When your baby is cold, they will usually be fussier than usually to produce enough body heat to keep them warm. If the weather condition is a bit hotter than usual, they will try to fling their arms wildly to keep them cool.

If you find that your baby is more physical than usual, look at the ambient temperature of the room they’re in.

They Love the Sound of Your Voice

As mentioned earlier, babies can be quite perceptible and they really love the sound of your voice. In fact, you will notice that instead of making incoherent sounds (like making animal noises), they would try to emulate your speech instead.

Your Warmth Soothes Them

There is a reason why pediatricians and mothers tell you to develop a bond with your baby and that is because your warmth soothes them. When you come in contact with your baby, it sends signals to their brain that tells them that they are safe.