6 Things You Must Remember When Writing the Perfect Blog Post

1. Choose a huge, engaging font size.

Pick a big font size when writing a blog post. Small fonts are hard to read. Feel free to check your favorite blogs, and compare the font sizes they use. Decide what will work best for your readers.

2. Bold text to capture the attention of your readers.

How to earn money through blogging in Malaysia? You must learn how to capture the attention of your target audience. Make sure to do it strategically. One of the most effective things you can do is to bold the statements you want to highlight. This will help you put additional emphasis on some important ideas.

3. Use capital letters.

Believe it or not, using capital letters is a good blog writing technique that you can use to make an impression to your readers.

4. Tell a wonderful story.

Each story has 3 primary parts–the beginning, middle and end. Write an engaging introduction, and then the main details. That should be followed by a remarkable conclusion that will create a mark on every reader. Don’t worry. You don’t need to be an experienced writer to come up with a good content. Just familiarize yourself with the most common online storytelling techniques.

5. Pay attention to internal cliffhangers.

Internal cliffhangers bridge podcasts and blog posts together by appealing to their emotions. These are devices and statements within your online content that further encourage people to keep on reading.

6. Make use of compelling images.

How to instantly capture the attention of your viewers? Visually-appealing, engaging images will always attract more readers to read your blog posts. It helps emphasize your message. Use amazing photos to break up your long articles into digestive paragraphs.