5 Tips to Help You Optimize a WordPress Post

1. External Links

Linking out to authoritative sources can help your search engine optimization strategy. Linking to a reputable, related resource means that you are giving our website visitors great value. If you prove to people that you are a good resource, then they would be happy to stay longer on your page.

2. Social Media

There are many social media and SEO services in Malaysia that you can check out. There is no question that if you acquire more social media presence, you are improving your chances of getting more mentions and links on the digital landscape. If hiring a professional is not the option at this moment, you can utilize social media plugins that can help you on this department.

3. Put internal links.

Internal inks are essential components of search engine optimization. Thus, linking related blog posts can help you a lot. WordPress makes this easier with their link tool.

4. Use subtitles.

Using good subtitles can do a lot of wonderful things for your post. It organizes our content for both search engines and readers. For Google and other search engines, it can appear well-structured. Moreover, it helps readers can posts easily. Subtitles are very easy for eyes to spot, since they move down the web page.

5. Use meta data on your images.

Google and other engines are getting even better at figuring out what is in an image. This is made possible by including meta data in an image. Putting meta data on images means describing them for search engines.