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Our food is healthy and tasty! If you want only the best for your body, then our servings are the best for you. What are you waiting for? Come and try our fares now.

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One of the best feature of our restaurant is our specials! Every day, we change our specials and every single one is the best.

Romantic Dinner

Want a special dinner for just you and your missus? Then head over to our restaurant! We have the perfect ambiance that will ensure a perfect romantic dinner for you and your partner!


Today's Special Fresh and delicious

Our MenuHealthy & Tasty.

A simple appetizer, but perfect for stimulating your appetite for the coming courses. Our crispy chicken roll is created by wrapping diced chicken that has been marinated with our special sauce with crispy spring roll wrappings.

Not a fan of chicken? Then you can try our next appetizer, a cheese shrimp roll. Our cheese shrimp roll are made from the best gouda cheese and the freshest shrimp.

Another one in our list of scrumptious appetizers is our signature baked crab cheese balls. Dip it in our homemade tartar sauce for a great taste!

Our first offering in the main course section is our crispy calamari squid, fried to golden brown perfection. Dip it with our signature Thai style chilli sauce or our delectable lime sauce.


Next in our offering of starters is our foie gras, made from only the best Malard ducks. Experience the buttery and rich taste of our own foie gras recipe.

A classic meal for a dinner that will last in your memories. Our roast chicken is marinated carefully in our secret sauce mixed with multiple herbs and spices , and roasted slowly in our wood roast oven to perfection.

The perfect comfort food is now in our restaurant. Our homemade soup made from our special stock is sure to give you warm and fuzzy feelings inside, just like the ones your mom used to make.


The perfect breakfast food, what can be better than starting your day with piping hot scrumptious waffles with chocolate sauce drizzled on it? Can also be served with ice cream for the perfect dessert.


In the mood for some traditional Italian fare? Then try out our Ravioli Con Caprino, made from only the freshest and authentic Caprino cheese.


Perfectly battered squid fried till golden brown. Perfect dish for light snacking.


A lime flavored drink perfectly sweetened with sugar. Healthy and delicious, perfect for those watching your waist line.

Quench your thirst with this South East Asian special beverage, the Iced Tea. Made without milk, and only using sugar as it’s sweetener, ensures that the drink is smooth and quenches your thirst.

A classic beverage, our milkshake is made with love. It’s sure to transport you to the 50’s, when the jitterbug fever is about to bite everyone!

Our orange juice is made only from freshly squeezed oranges, and made according to your specifications. The perfect drink for a hot day!


A perfect warm drink for you when it’s cold outside.

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